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Kazakh is the Turkic language of the Kipchak branch, spoken by Kazakhs in Central Asia. It belongs to the Kipchak-Nogai subgroup along with Nogai, Kyrgyz and Karakalpak languages. Kazakh is the official state language of Kazakhstan and a significant minority language in the Ili-Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang (Eastern China) and Bayan-Olgiy Province (Western Mongolia). The Kazakh language uses a large number of borrowings from Persian and Arabic, which is associated with frequent historical interactions between Kazakhs and Iranian ethnic groups in the south of the country. Like other Turkic languages, Kazakh is an agglutinative language and uses vowel harmony. Linguists distinguish three mutually intelligible dialect groups: northeastern Kazakh, southern Kazakh and western Kazakh. Northeast Kazakh serves as the basis for the standard language. This language has a certain degree of mutual understanding with the closely related Karakalpak. Since 1940, Kazakh Cyrillic script has been used in the USSR. Starting in 2017, it is planned to switch to the Latin alphabet. Several variants of the new Kazakh alphabet were proposed. In many versions of the alphabet reform, it is planned not only to replace Cyrillic letters with Latin ones, but also to change the spelling of many Kazakh words. At the moment, the final decision on the new Kazakh alphabet in Latin has not yet been made.